etailer loyalty

Etailer Loyalty schemes – there’s an app for that

If you’re an etailer on a magento or shopify-type platform there are an abundance of apps that allow you to role out a etailer loyalty scheme. They’re almost exclusively currency-based. In other words they use points as a loyalty currency which customers can collect in return for some future reward or discount. Some of them…

The leaky customer bucket

Customer acquisition and retention – the need to understand

Tech is able to revolutionise retail but some of the thinking around leveraging it remains primitive. I have just become Chairman of George Bailey, a new breed of customer analytics consultancy. Our business involves getting much closer to customers, understanding what they do and don’t want, and leveraging this insight to improve performance. How customer…

personalisation is a two way street

Being personal is a two-way street

We saw this story on Linked In and wondered what all the fuss was about. It was the one about Ryan Gosling and the way you walk about your business. In short, the article talks about relationship building power. It talks about how a personal and authentic story about Ryan Gosling’s childhood made the author of…

the price of promotions

The price of promotions for retailers

One of the most pervasive features of the debt crisis in retail is the now commonplace tactic of price promotions. While many retailers might claim that this is all about the customer’s insatiable appetite for bargains, the reality is very different. Retailers have driven the vastly more promotional market we have today, and it is…

loyalty: what's the point?

Loyalty: what’s the point

The retail marketplace today has never been so crowded. An unprecedented number of retailers are making vastly more offers than ever before. More stores, more websites, more promotions than ever. More electronic junk mail, sent randomly just like its old paper equivalent but with usually the same outcome – in the electronic trash. So, more…

personalisation: getting to the consumer's heart

Personalisation: getting to the consumer’s heart

We were lucky enough to be involved in a conference recently, set up by our friends over at Freestak as a prelude to the launch of their beautiful new running magazine project Like The Wind. Asked to speak about something brands can’t afford not to address in 2014, we presented on the topic of Personalisation….

personalisation strategy

Personalisation of the entire customer experience

Personalisation is a hot topic. New technologies keep emerging that enable retailers to personalise the experience customers have when they’re shopping online or in the physical store, based on consumer preferences and past behaviour. Should it be just about the personalisation of the in-store experience? The way retailers are approaching personalisation doesn’t surprise me. It’s…


How do I reward customers appropriately?

When developing a loyalty scheme, a question you’ll face is how to reward customers appropriately for identifying themselves? One question you might ask to help figure this out relates to the extent to which customers can anticipate and know that a reward is coming their way. Predictable vs. Surprising rewards? You may wish to set…

The Customer Token

Customer identification in customised loyalty schemes

Knowing what data and technology is needed to generate insights and to communicate with customers at each customer touchpoint will help determine the appropriate customer identification strategy. To understand more about how to identify the data and technology needed to generate the required customer insights, read our previous post here. Customer identification and the ‘Customer Token’?…

customer acquisition - we want you!

Customer acquisition – customers put off by intrusive use of their data

A few weeks back Retail Week published data from a research report commissioned by ICM research. This revealed some interesting insights which may effect retailers’ thinking about customer acquisition data and strategy. The summary points, from the consumer’s perspective were: By and large, if there’s something in it for me (i.e rewards or special offers),…